Technology at GRG

Georges River Grammar strongly believes that pedagogy is the key driver for effective teaching and learning. Technology is a tool that can develop the desired skills of collaboration, creative thinking and problem solving while motivating and engaging students in authentic learning tasks.

It is important for us that students understand the morals and ethics of using online content. Students need to understand that they are responsible and have accountability for all information they access or publish on the internet. Being able to evaluate the legitimacy and accuracy of online content is also central to 21st century education.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is integral to contemporary learning and to our lives in the 21st century.

In the primary school, explicit links to online behaviour are made with our positive behaviour values: we are safe, we are learners, we are respectful, we are caring. Students learn how these values translate into a digital environment and creates conscious ownership of their online identity.

Our motto at GRG is the 5 e’s of e-learning

  • Exchange: swapping traditional ways of doing things with ICT
  • Enrich: engaging learners with a richer mix of media
  • Enhance: encouraging deeper learning through the use of ICT
  • Extend: encouraging students to take their learning further
  • Empower: giving students control over their own learning

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