A Coeducational Environment

A leading national and international expert on gender and education, Professor Judith Gill’s (School of Education, University of South Australia) research clearly shows that the differences within groups of boys and the differences within groups of girls are much greater than the differences between boys and girls. Individual difference, rather than gender difference is key.

Success in all fields of endeavour within a school is due to the successful interaction between highly committed teachers, good quality leadership and equally supportive parents. These conditions are the hallmarks of all good schools regardless of their gender composition. At Georges River Grammar, we deal successfully with the different needs of each student.

Professor John Hattie’s research supports this theory. (The University of Melbourne’s Graduate School of Education.) He discovered from 180,000 studies and from over 50 million students worldwide, that separating students by gender has little positive effect at all on their learning outcomes.

At our School:

  • Students learn and play together in an environment of mutual respect and care, learning to be comfortable with each other as equals and as friends
  • Young people grow to understand themselves and their world with a depth and maturity which is enhanced by learning and interacting with one another
  • There are positive role models of every gender and students benefit from this greatly
  • Our purpose is to provide a strong framework for student wellbeing to flourish and for our students to feel safe, comfortable and confident to achieve their best

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