Differentiated Learning at GRG

Students learn best when they feel confident, their motivation is high, and learning is targeted towards their specific needs and interests. At GRG, we know that differentiation is the key to ensuring that each individual student’s strengths and weaknesses are considered in the creation of responsive, innovative and engaging programs. All students undertake wide-ranging testing, including Allwell Testing, at various stages in their schooling at GRG – this practice gives the School comprehensive data and information that allows us to create an extensive learner profile for each student and provide individualised support and extension to every child enrolled at our school.

Gifted Education

K-12 Gifted Education at GRG aims to meet the unique needs of our gifted and high potential students in their social, emotional and academic development. Provisions for talent development are offered through a variety of subject, grade, and cross-faculty enrichment opportunities. Our teaching staff are committed to differentiating learning programs to incorporate extension and enrichment, flexible grouping, deep learning opportunities, and curriculum compacting, to provide the appropriate rigour needed to enhance the self-efficacy and wellbeing of our gifted and high potential students.

In addition to in-class differentiation, Primary Enrichment classes operate through a withdrawal program targeted for students with advanced talent, as well as giftedness, through a variety of English, Mathematics, STEM and coding units. In Years 7-8, a full-time Enrichment Class supports our gifted and high potential students. Teachers in these classes engage in professional development and collaboration to ensure high quality teaching and learning opportunities address the needs of our students.

Students across the School also have the opportunity to participate in academic competitions, Gala Days, Maths Olympiad, Gateway 8, Stage 6 Extension courses, debating, public speaking and writing competitions, as well as opportunities offered through external agencies such as Mindquest, Learning Labs and GERRIC.

Learning Support

GRG promotes the participation and engagement of all students within an inclusive educational environment. The Learning Support Team assists students with a broad range of cognitive, physical, sensory, and social-emotional additional learning needs.

Across the Primary and Secondary school, targeted student support includes evidence-based literacy intervention programs such as MiniLit, MaqLit, MultiLit and Spell It. Reading comprehension is a significant focus of individual and small group withdrawal programs. Learning Support Officers provide in-class support for students, as well as individual instruction and small group withdrawal for students requiring more subject specific support. Identification, implementation, and progress monitoring are key aspects of the support provided by the Learning Support Team at GRG.

Assessment Provisions are offered to students who require adjustments for in-class assessments, NAPLAN Examinations, and HSC Disability Provisions. The Learning Support Team encourages students to access assessment support and provides weekly assistance at Study Hub in the Senior Learning Centre.

Fostering inclusive planning and participation for all school activities, the Learning Support Team work closely with our incredible team of teachers, as well as allied health professionals, to monitor the specific needs of all our students, ensuring that every student experiences success.

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