Our Learning Framework

At GRG, we want students to be immersed in the learning experiences we provide. Undeniably, contemporary society is a far more complex place than the world of previous generations. Education has changed significantly over the last few decades. We have moved away from more traditional, teacher-driven and impersonal methods of teaching, which focused on simply transmitting knowledge and testing students’ ability to recall facts. Nowadays, learning needs to be authentic and meaningful; it must empower students to become creative and critical problem solvers who are able to navigate our increasingly intricate and ever-changing world.

Deep Learning

GRG is part of a network of NSW Independent Schools, working in collaboration with the Association of Independent Schools NSW, who have adopted the New Pedagogies for Deep Learning Framework that has now been embedded in over 1500 schools across the globe. Deep Learning is learning that is transformative, student-centered and creative; it has real-world application. GRG students are therefore encouraged to work collaboratively, advocate for others and consider how they can be agents of change in the world.

The Deep Learning Framework we have adopted at GRG assists our students to develop and acquire six global competencies – the skills and attributes they will need to flourish as citizens of the world beyond the classroom and school context. These six competencies, known as the 6Cs, underpin our curriculum and are incorporated in our teaching and learning programs:

  • Critical Thinking
  • Communication
  • Creativity
  • Character
  • Collaboration
  • Citizenship

To ensure that our students are acquiring these skills, GRG teachers carefully consider how the learning experiences they design move beyond the four walls of the classroom. As such, our teachers actively foster learning partnerships within the community, incorporate digital technologies into their teaching and create learning cultures that promote curiosity and innovation.

Learning at GRG is forward-thinking and we aim to not only prepare our students for the complex world they now occupy, but also the world they will inhabit as leaders of the future.