Our Academic Culture

The construction of an enriching, supportive and challenging learning environment promotes a culture of academic excellence at GRG. Students are encouraged to think independently, take responsibility for their learning, and develop academic resilience. GRG provides each student with the opportunity to reach their academic potential.

Finding individual pathways of learning for each student through the creation of a rich, diverse and engaging curriculum allows GRG students to discover their own talents and pursue their passions. Students are guided and mentored at every stage of their journey. With the support and assistance of their teachers, students’ ambitions are encouraged and celebrated. GRG staff are always ready to assist, advise and most importantly, inspire.

Our Secondary students are supported by a team of qualified specialist teachers who offer personalised academic mentoring. Students are provided with the opportunity to attend dedicated workshops which focus on academic writing and the development of effective study skills, as well as school holiday workshops and free after-school tutoring.

Student drive, perseverance and determination are valued at GRG, and with the strong support and encouragement of their dedicated teachers, our students embrace challenge and achieve academic excellence.

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Enrolment Application

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