Our Primary Curriculum

Thank you for your interest in educating your child/ren at Georges River Grammar. Our Primary School operates from Kindergarten to Year 6 and is a place where each child is nurtured and valued throughout their Primary School journey.

The Primary School is a lively caring community where students enjoy learning and exploring the world around them. It is a welcoming, Christian environment where personalities grow and lifelong friendships are made. Our Positive Behaviour Support program (PBS) helps each student to consider their behaviour and attitudes through a continuum of expectations: We are Safe, We are Learners, We are Caring, We are Respectful. These ideals apply to every aspect of life as a GRG student.

Our students learn the value of forgiveness, and the important step of moving on from hurt and conflict. The aim is for students to grow into happy, enthusiastic learners. Students attend weekly Chapel services and weekly assemblies where academic achievement and excellence in behavior is acknowledged with awards.

Flexible learning approaches cater for the individual needs of learners and provides a nurturing environment.

German Shepherds of Australia


There is a strong emphasis on Literacy and Numeracy, knowing that the skills and concepts developed in the classroom underpin learning across the whole curriculum.

The six Key Learning Areas mandated by NESA provide a balanced and rounded approach to learning: English, Mathematics, Science & Technology, History & Geography, Creative Arts and Personal Development, Health and Physical Education.

In addition to classroom teachers, specialist teachers conduct lessons in Physical Education, Language Study – French, Library, Christian Studies and Music. Technology is embedded in the teaching and learning program to enhance learning in a natural way so that our students can utilise devices from home to further their learning.

Our school is very well equipped with laptop and iPad banks which allow every classroom to access the internet wirelessly. From Year 5 students are required to bring an iPad to school for a range of learning purposes. An Acceptable Use of Technology Policy fosters the continual development of student’s cyber safe skills.


GRG works in close partnership with our parents to give every student the care and attention they need to develop self-esteem and confidence – the building blocks for school success.

If any challenging issue should arise, our Counsellor works with students to help them manage the situation and ensures their well-being. We also provide a team of experienced Learning Support staff to assist students with their individual learning needs, whether it is for remediation or extension.

Primary School learning is more than being literate and numerate. We aim to nurture and develop the whole child in the Primary School allowing every student the opportunity to develop personal strength and to discover new ones. We develop individual programs of learning for the academic, social, physical, spiritual and creative child and see each aspect of the whole person as important.

To help us know each child, we nurture and encourage strong relationships between school and home. There are many opportunities for parents to develop partnerships with the school, for the benefit of their child.

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