School Governance

Georges River Grammar School Limited is a public company limited by guarantee which was incorporated on 8 August 1986, originally as Bankstown Grammar School. On 3 January 2011, the School changed its name to Georges River Grammar School Limited.

The Company is subject to a Memorandum of Association dated 30 May 1986 and Articles of Association dated 26 September 2014. Members of the Board of Directors are also Members of the Company. They volunteer their time and energy to take on these positions.

Corporate Governance

The Corporations Act (2011) clearly states that the Board of Directors have the ultimate responsibility for all matters relating to the running of the School. Pursuant to the Articles of Association of the School, the Board of Directors is responsible for both the educational and financial management of the School.

The Board’s role is to govern the School and not to be involved in its day-to-day management. It is senior management’s role to manage the School in accordance with the strategic goals set by the Board and under its direction.

The Board is responsible for and should determine all matters relating to policy and practice. It has overall responsibility that the School is well managed and that its operations are successful. It must do all things necessary to ensure that the School meets its objects as set out in the School’s Memorandum.

Specifically, it is responsible for the School and its operations including:

  • the determination and the pursuit of the ethos and aims and objectives of the School
  • the education provided both inside and outside the classroom
  • the spiritual and pastoral care of pupils
  • the discipline of pupils
  • the relationship with the school community

The Board consists of office bearers and at least one and up to nine ordinary members. The members of the Board shall also be members of the Company. Board Members are appointed at each year’s Annual General Meeting.

Articles of Association

Memorandum of Association

Conflict of Interest

Board of Directors

The first and primary duty of the Board of Directors is to ensure that the School’s fundamental principles embodied in its Key Values and Mission Statement are carried out and implemented.

David McGregorChair

John McKenzieTreasurer

Vernon FalconerOrdinary Member

Raquel CharetPrincipal