Message from the Principal

Georges River Grammar has grown exponentially since its humble beginnings almost 40 years ago. We are a diverse and collaborative community that has developed the reputation of being a school that ensures that each student genuinely feels safe, connected and has an authentic sense of belonging. Community is at the centre of all we do at GRG and is undeniably one of the School’s core strengths, entrenched in every facet of our school. Embracing inclusivity and diversity involves recognising, celebrating and appreciating the wide range of backgrounds, cultures, perspectives and experiences that students, staff and families bring to the School. We believe that involving parents and caregivers in an inclusive manner fosters a strong sense of community that encourages active participation in the School’s activities and decision-making processes.

GRG is also a school that genuinely caters for and supports the needs of all students by pursuing excellence in all facets of education: teaching & learning, student wellbeing, co-curricular and service learning.

Students need to be given the opportunity to discover and nurture their passions and at GRG we ensure that this is the case. Most importantly, students are at the centre of each and every decision. We provide individualised programs to cater for all our students so that each student is extended, challenged and supported in their own unique learning journey and achieves their goals, whatever those goals may be.

Our highly professional, committed and passionate staff at GRG have cultivated an environment where everyone feels respected and valued; a place where all students who enter our gates flourish academically, socially and emotionally. Empowered with the knowledge, skills and capabilities required in our ever-changing world, our students are developed into compassionate, resilient, engaged and accomplished lifelong learners.

Thank you for taking the time to explore our website, which provides a snapshot of all the incredible opportunities we provide our students. We would be delighted to invite you and your child to visit our school and showcase the amazing learning opportunities that would be offered to them at GRG.


Ben Haeusler

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We would love you to visit Georges River Grammar, to experience the warm nurturing environment, please book a tour here.

GRG is a caring learning community where the values of community, service, sacrifice and compassion take pride of place.