Our Performing Arts Program

Georges River Grammar offers a wide range of opportunities in performance. The School has a strong program which allows students to advance  and develop their musical skills and talents, both inside and outside of the classroom.

Music is flourishing at Georges River Grammar. Our focus is to motivate students to explore and create in a music rich environment.

Inside the classroom, Secondary students are encouraged to explore performance, composition and musicology in an environment where they are able to collaborate, create and develop critical thinking skills. Primary students undertake lessons that revolve around listening, moving, and creating music.

Outside of the classroom, and in the wider community, our students participate in a variety of ensembles and performances.

Our students demonstrate the essence of our music program which is to enjoy their music and to gain self-confidence through participation.


Our ensembles include Senior Band, Rock Bands, Chapel Band, String Orchestra, String Quartet, Orchestra, Honour Choir, A Capella Group, Wind Ensemble, Brass Ensemble, Training Band, Primary Band and Primary Choir. We also run a highly successful mentoring program whereby our Secondary students mentor our Primary students. Primary musicians develop positive peer relationships with senior school members which assists their transition into Year 7.


Our musicians are  involved in a number of performances throughout the year such as Open Day, Mother’s Day, Anzac Day, Grandparent’s Day, Father’s Day, MusicalesK-Mart Wishing Tree, Staff/Student Carols at Bankstown Uniting Care facility, Quest for Talent, GRG has Talent, Presentation Day and our showcase evening – Variety Night.

The Secondary Variety Night features a seamless wealth of talent. Our students provide enchanting performances with an edge of professionalism beyond their years.

For Primary musicians, performance for peers is a large focus as it builds confidence and resilience that can be used in other key learning areas. Students are encouraged to perform for their class and are provided opportunities to perform at Assemblies.

Peripatetic Program

GRG has a substantial peripatetic program with 15 tutors involving up to 300 students across the School. The program provides lessons in Voice, Oboe, Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, Tenor Horn, Euphonium, Violin, Cello, Drums, Percussion, Piano, Bagpipes and Guitar. This program supports our performance ensembles providing as many musical options as possible for our students.

HICES Music Camp

HICES music camp continues to be a major highlight in GRG’s music calendar. Students audition to attend the camp, held at Stanwell Tops, for a 4-day intensive workshop culminating in a brilliant performance at Town Hall.

GRG Music staff members are proud of the efforts made by our students; they develop their skills as musicians and showcase their talents in the performance arena. Our ultimate goal is to produce well rounded individuals who achieve outside their comfort zone and build personal resilience that will last a lifetime.


Students engage in visible thinking routines every week, as well as exploring the human condition through the ‘Four Cs’ that are innate in Drama – Critical Reflection, Collaboration, Creativity and Communication. GRG students go further and add another two Cs: Challenge and Courage.

The Drama students of GRG accept challenge and have been the practitioners of quality work through exploration and discovery. Students gaina wealth of important life skills; quick-thinking, focus, working collaboratively in groups and reflection work. All year groups can enjoy live theatre experiences, which has been of enormous benefit for their stagecraft.

Drama Night

Drama Night showcases a collection of works the students from Years 8 – 12 prepare throughout the year. With pieces ranging from Ancient Greek theatre, to contemporary pieces that explore an existential view of life, the audience is treated to a night of high energy, humour and pockets of madness. Year 10 students organise the evening to enhance their production skills in a practical, purposeful manner.


Dance is a powerful tool which teaches rhythm and coordination. It enables students to showcase their talents and develop a sense of self confidence. Working together, students participate in weekly lessons and prepare for numerous performances each year.

Dance Classes

The weekly Primary Dance classes incorporate a range of dance styles, focusing on commercial jazz, where they develop their technique and learn choreography. The Secondary groups study the dance styles of lyrical, hip hop, jazz and musical theatre.