Our Student Leadership Program

The development of leadership through service is of fundamental importance to the school, reinforcing the school’s Christian values. Our Year 10/11 Student Development Portfolio Program facilitates personal growth and pathways to a successful transition to tertiary life through school and community service.

Students are offered the opportunity to complete a Student Development Portfolio where they undertake formal leadership training and develop leadership skills in preparation for the student leadership positions of School and House Prefect.

The program focuses on developing confidence and competence as students learn the trials and triumphs that are associated with service and sacrifice.

Students learn through experience and gain a deeper understanding of teamwork, leadership and commitment. Our students face challenges and revel in adversity. Each of the students involved in the program receive vital support from many GRG staff members who kindly volunteer time and expertise as supervisors and mentors.

Secondary School Student Leadership

Prefects help lead school assemblies, assist at various school events, and represent the school at public functions. Helping and guiding students, particularly in a peer support role, is also an important aspect of the prefect’s role.

House Prefects play a key role in the Year 7 induction programme, assisting students with ongoing peer support and mentoring of students. They also coordinate the participation of students in Swimming, Athletics and Cross Country Carnivals as well as the Inter-House Public Speaking Competition.

Secondary School Officers

Each year two School Captains, two Vice Captains and 8 House Prefects are selected to undertake a range of duties. In addition there are School Prefects appointed to carry out general duties as described in the Secondary School Student Leadership tab above. All School Officers complete the Student Development Portfolio to be eligible for selection as a School Officer.

Primary School Student Leadership

The Year 6 cohort has an important role as the Leadership Class by undertaking the responsibility of nurturing their Kindergarten buddies. New students are “buddied” at the Kindergarten Orientation Day while the Leadership Class are in Year 5 and the older students continue to encourage their buddies throughout the year.

In addition, the Leadership Class are important role models for all the younger students when leading by example. All students in Year 5 participate in a Leadership Development Program in preparation for their experience as the Leadership class. The buddy program is the first opportunity for the Leadership Class to apply their learning and to understand the concept of servant leadership in a practical authentic manner.

Primary School Officers

An important function in the recognition and nurturing of leadership potential within the School is the appointment of School Officers. These boys and girls carry out important duties in the daily life of the School. Each year two School Captains, two Vice Captains and 8 House Prefects are selected to undertake these duties.