Why GRG?

Georges River Grammar is very proud of its student graduates. The School offers a comprehensive education that prepares young people for tertiary education, full-time employment and the world beyond formal schooling.

By cultivating a vibrant and caring environment GRG ensures that each student feels an innate sense of belonging to the community. Whether they be academic, sporting, creative, social justice, or anything else that school entails, GRG students flourish. The GRG student is encouraged to embrace their unique sense of individuality and pursue their endeavours.

GRG strives to ensure our graduates become responsible global citizens by:

  • providing opportunities to develop an understanding of the link between academic learning and well-being;
  • developing strategies that enhance their resilience and ability to ‘bounce back’ from challenge and adversity;
  • believing that all students can succeed in their learning;
  • promoting student connections;
  • stimulating student engagement with learning;
  • providing learning experiences that are relevant to their lives;
  • fostering high expectations in all learners;
  • engaging staff and students in dialogue about understanding learning;
  • enhancing positive psycho-social and developmental outcomes through protective factors;
  • utilising a range of support networks and resources by implementing structures and programs in response to diverse student needs; and,
  • strengthening students’ understanding of servant leadership through social justice initiatives

We are committed to excellence and the realisation of each child’s potential. Our school’s values communitysacrificeservice and compassion underpin all that we do.