Student Wellbeing

Our Student Wellbeing Program is designed to foster the wellbeing of each student by knowing them, building their academic ability, their character and addressing their individual needs.

The VIA Institute Character Traits and stage appropriate programming are used to deliver a continuum of learning throughout the school. The Traits are based on the Principles of Positive Psychology which is derived from the discipline of Positive Education.

The Wellbeing Program allows students to graduate with the skills and abilities to be able to make a fulfilling and positive contribution to society.

Postive Education

School life is broken into six domains, with these being linked back to the Student Graduate Attributes of Dream, Mind, and Spirit. With these three broad focus areas, we look to seed the focus of Positive Education through the areas of Positive Relationships, Positive Meaning, Positive Engagement, Positive Health, Positive Achievement and Positive Emotions.

The individual student graduate attributes combine the process of the holistic education element of the school. A Georges River Graduate has the following attributes:


  • A dream to chase their goals and ambitions;
  • A dream to embrace challenge;
  • A dream to be a person for all;


  • A mind that has a love of Learning;
  • A mind to chase their academic interests;
  • A mind that is engaged and challenged;


  • A love of God;
  • A spirit that is forgiving and accepting;
  • A spirit of service for all.