The GRG School Board has commenced the process of developing a new Master Plan, including the building of a new School Auditorium.

Whilst there have not been physical signs of activity there has been much activity behind the scenes and the Board plan to start the physical construction stage in the near future.

Recent building works

The planned construction work will continue the rapid redevelopment of our facilities. Over the last few years GRG has constructed several multi storey classroom blocks for the benefit of the students. In the Primary School a Sensory Garden and climbing structure has been constructed to encourage students to learn through play.

In the Secondary School, a state of the art Trade Skills Centre has been built to deliver the VET Construction course to students in Stage 5 and 6. The large workshop and ICT classroom in the Centre are also used extensively by other Technology classes.

The construction of the new facilities and investment in infrastructure will be purposefully designed to facilitate deep learning with a particular focus on learning environments that support collaborative learning, creativity, technological currency and hands on critical thinking activities.